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Church Splits: Doctrine From Hell


Church Splits: Doctrine From Hell

Breaking The Heart Of Jesus

"I pray they would be one as We are one."

"If every Christian was willing to be dealt with and to leave the natural things and the old creation behind, and if every one of them was willing to live in the reality of the Body of Christ, there would be no more divisions." Watchman Nee (The Body Of Christ)

If a group of people doesn't have a common enemy, they will find one in each other.

Division: Breaking The Heart Of Jesus By Andy Zoppelt
The Sin of Division By Bruce Terry
The Sin of Schism By Dr. Bob Morey
A War In Heaven By Francis Frangipane
Hope Beyond Division By Chuck Swindoll
"Tale of Three Kings" Absalom By Gene Edwards
Avoiding The Absalom Syndrome By Mark Wheeler
Exposing The Accuser Of The Brethren By Francis Frangipane

Look for these signs:

  1. Is there a list of the persons faults and are they biblically justifiable? 1 Cor 13:5b NIV

  2.  Are we giving the accused ample time to defend himself? John 7:51

  3.  Are we doing to him or her, what we would want them to do to us? Matt 7:21

  4. Is this going to be a good example for others to follow? Phil 3:17

  5. Do we sense the presence and pleasure of God in what we are doing? Would revival spring from this behavior? 2 Chron 7:1-3

  6. Are we considering the consequence of our behavior should we miss God? Judas, Absalom...

  7. Are we endeavoring to maintain the unity of the body of Christ? Would Jesus, after praying for the unity of the church, be pleased with such behavior? Eph 4:3

  8. Is the Holy Spirit leading this action? Rom 8:14

  9. Is the person leaving willing to leave and take no one with him without reservation or excuse? Acts 20:29,30

  10. Has conversations taken place without the presence of the accused. Gal 5:15

  11. Has the goal always been reconciliation? 2 Cor 5:18

In the last days:

"And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another." Matt 24:10

Jesus made it absolutely clear, we are either gathering with Him or scattering, we are either for Him or against Him.

Remember the outcome of those in the scriptures who became consumed in their own agenda, they forgot God and paid an eternal price: Sons of Korah, Saul, Absalom, Judas....and Satan

We cannot treat the Body of Christ as though it were something belonging to us or some earthly corporation. A wrong choice can put us out of His body. He who destroys the temple of God (the body of Christ), God will Himself destroy.

Satan's most ambitious plan is to work through the pride of men and divide the body of Christ. No sin reaches this level. It is a sin that reaches a fist into heaven and shakes it into the face of a praying Jesus.

Be careful who you follow, no matter how noble the person. Remember on third of the angles followed Satan's plan and fell into his deception. All this happened while the fallen angles were in the presence of God.

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