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The Anointing


The Anointing
By Andy Zoppelt

"Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Matt 11:29-30, NKJV

 Being yoked in the Spirit is the true anointing that breaks the yoke of pride and joins us together.

When a person is under the heavy yoke of oppression and being attack by the enemy and taken captive, sadly we do not break the yoke of the oppression nor break the grip of the enemy in their life. In fact we often point the finger at his faults and we talk behind his back. We only add to a brother's oppression. We then have the foolishness to say, "Why isn't God with us?"

The anointing calls for a continual going on with God; we cannot stop and smell the roses. The anointing demands a persistent and continual breaking of those yokes which separate us.

 Every item in God's temple was anointed; it will be the same in the next and last move. Christians were recognized in the first century as the anointed ones. What we say and what we do must be anointed, it must be His will and Himself manifesting Himself through us. What is of man is antichrist, or a false anointing. Many are deceived by this false anointing, but the true anointing will bring the body of Christ in unity with Christ the anointed one.

The anointing will give us ears to hear. It will give us words that come from the Father alone. It will give us love for the saints and the power to demonstrate His authority over sickness and every form of bondage.

I believe there is a stir of the Spirit in the body of Christ to be one. I believe also that many have no burden for the unity of the body of Christ; they can live in division without any convention. I believe there is the forming of the counterfeit and the true forming side by side; they will eventually be at war against one another because they are not yoked together of the same spirit. It will be an ultimate conflict between the false anointing (antichrist) and the true anointing (Spirit of Christ). There will be no divisions or worldly mixture in the true body of Christ. The greatest war, the greatest blessings, the greatest men of God, the greatest move of God will come like a flood. Many will be blinded by self interest and doing their own thing, they will fit nowhere, but others will be driven by hunger and brokenness to see His glory like Moses. The bride is now making herself ready. The virgins are now trimming their lamps. We are coming to the time of the anointed ones.

If it doesn't break the yoke of bondage, it is not the anointing.

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