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Word from the Lord, a word of warning and blessing 09/03/10

By Andy Zoppelt
I was awakened this morning and this word came to me…so it is for you to judge.
Man’s ability has disabled My work. What they call anointing is man’s mere enthusiasm. Even now I am preparing men outside of every movement, I am stripping them of all their abilities and all their plans and desires, they will see themselves as Moses saw himself when I met Him at the burning bush … he was void of all abilities and in a total state of weakness and dependence.
Ambitious and talented men are disrupting the purposes for My bride; they have soiled her garments and each has added his own form of leaven and together they have contributed to the forming of the great whore of the last days that will draw followers after themselves. These are blind men, naked and men who cannot hear, they have disobeyed My commands and each has built his own kingdom on his own foundation.
But the time is coming when all their works will be brought to naught and they will all be brought to ruin. Truly this word will ring throughout the land: “Woe to the shepherds who have fed themselves and who have scattered my sheep throughout the lands and hills.”
The hearts and minds of these shepherds have been corrupted with their own works founded on their own abilities. They have not broken the yoke of those in bondage with My anointing. My anointed ones will emerge and set up My Kingdom and break the yoke of the poor, the sick and the distressed and they will free those who have been taken captive by the ambitions of men.
Many of these false and blind leaders will hold stronger alliances to their own ministries and My finale judgment will come upon them as I destroy the whore. In their arrogance they will no longer get between Me and My bride, Me and My kingdom and Me and My glorious body. These are impatient men who have scattered My flock. These are unrepented men who are not ashamed of their kingdom building spirit. They glory in their works and each exalts the other. Every mountain shall be brought down and every valley shall be exalted and the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be exalted in the last days and the nations will flow into it.
The shaking will not come according to their understanding. They have not recognized their own shame that they have brought upon My body and they have not wept and repented for the reproach they have brought on My kingdom. Truly as these false anointed ones have first moved forward to the high places without Me and truly as “the” false anointed one [antichrist] is now being prepared, so to is my anointed ones coming forth to demonstrate My glory, My presence and My power. My anointed will come forth out of the wilderness of great testing and will come out leaning on Their Beloved.
He who does not gather with Me scatters and He who is not with Me is against Me. A kingdom that is divided will not stand and My glory I will not share with another.
All are asleep and I am coming for My bride and all will be awakened from their sleep. Many have no oil, though they believe they have light from My oil, they have walked in their own light as it says in Job 18:5, “The light of the wicked indeed goes out, and the flame of his fire does not shine.” Even as I have said in my word to those who thought they had light, “if the light that is in you is darkness, then how great is that darkness.”
And some will come forth prepared of the Lord in the wilderness with the anointing oil and when the Lord’s fire falls on the earth their lamps shall bring forth a great light that will shine around the world. This anointed oil will flow from the Head and downward throughout His body to the bottom of the foot where He will subject all His enemies. His anointed bride is now emptying herself as men fill themselves with their positions, seek for recognition and work out of their own ambitions.
These words have already been spoken, let him who has ears to hear let him hear. End Copyright © 2006. All Rights Reserved                    Testimony   Contact Us

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