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I Had a Dream

I had a dream this morning. I dreamed I lived in a mud hole dirty and wet. I looked for peace and love and could not find it. I dreamed of a better life in another world I could not find. It seemed to be in a world that my eyes had never seen and of words my ear has never heard.
I dreamed of people caring for one another, weeping over one another. I dreamt of people living victoriously, conquering evil and following the prince of peace. I read the book of this loving Prince and leaped with revelation of His mighty kingdom, it was filled with all I ever wanted and longed for. I was willing to travel any land, give up any possession, deny any relationship for just the sight of this most wonderful kingdom. My hunger could not be satisfied nor my thirst quenched on nothing less than His kingdom.

I was offered every substitute that man could offer and conjure, nothing could fill the emptiness inside of what I saw. Others seemed to be satisfied and quite content and even made programs to replace His mighty anointing with their own labors. They were certain beyond any doubt that they found the kingdom. But the prince was not really there. It could be heard that He was there with them and they truly claimed to follow every letter of His book. But their kingdom was filled with emptiness and indifference. They warred with one another, betrayed one another, it was a beast they were following and not the prince. They had to create substitutes, allusions of men, to pump up the feelings of being a part of the kingdom and subjects of the Prince. They created well structured buildings, the engineers and architects of this world helped. Others developed programs to pacify there need for the Prince. No one wanted to arouse the real search for the prince. They existed and did not grow up in to the image of the true Prince, in stead they grew in numbers and better programs. Their cry was “Give them religion and form, save me from a life of death to self.” They were passive and cold, their hearts were mixed with both hot and cold. They drew from the book of the prince and the success of the beast. Their system grew and grew and who could deny that this was not led by the prince.

My heart cried out for Him. I could not live in anything that was not His. If I stand alone, I will wait for the real.
The gnawing hunger and unquenchable thirst only intensified. What is life without Him?
My dream was found in a book written thousands of years ago. There lied my hope and all that I longed for. I dared to follow Him among those who said they loved Him.

It wasn’t long before they striped away my cloths and revealed my nakedness. they took my words and twisted them and turned them into lies and persecution. They did this all and claiming they knew the Prince of peace. They made it clear, the only way one could exist in their kingdom was to follow this beast, to sit and be silent and worship the beast. There was no room for the seekers of truth, those who pointed out the error of the beast. Oh God I cried, this is not a dream, this is a nightmare. How can any one be satisfied with anything less than your kingdom?
My life, my family, bare the marks of this beast. “Sit down, and be silent, and you will not be hurt.” But how can one be silent, doesn’t a person’s life have value in this life for His kingdom? Doesn’t His kingdom and His word have preeminence? Should we live for that which is not from Him and through Him and to Him. No, I can not yield to the substitute. If I lose it all, I will lose it in quest for my dream…. My prince. Even though, at times, He Himself seems to have rejected me. My spirit longs for His kingdom, His love and His truth. Nothing can quench this longing in my heart for nothing but Him. I live for one day and one utterance, “well done thou good and faithful servant.”

I have a long way to go, and maybe I have not really gotten started, but little does that matter. I will not be satisfied with the beginning of the race, or the middle of the race… only the end of the race. Until I know I have given my all for Him. What value is there in life if we can’t give it all to Him and His kingdom? I know the end of my dream, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!" Rev 11:15 Copyright © 2006. All Rights Reserved                    Testimony   Contact Us

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